Monday, February 25, 2013

Film and Theo: "Take Shelter" Modern Noah's Ark with apocalyptic spin

Emotional film wonderfully played by Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon about the life of a modern day prophet who foretold about end of the world. Will he be treated as a savior? or someone crazy and stoned to death?

The story of Noah's Ark and the flood has been told over a million times over centuries from generations to generations around the world. What will it look like if something similar happen today? Will Noah have been treated differently as a savior as he had warned people around him after the end of the world? Will he be stoned to death? Or will he be treated as a schizophrenia to be drugged? That's the story of "Take Shelter" with a modern day twist about the end of the world and a man is doing everything he can to save his family. And it doesn't come at a better time when the whole world is suffering from the global economic turmoil, earthquakes shaking countries down to it bone, tsunami and floods happening in everywhere all over the world

 In "Take Shelter", we have Curtis(Michael Shannon) as the protangist, who is a construction worker at an oil sand company, a gentle husband having a lovely wife Samantha (wonderfully played by Jessica Chastain) and a six year old deaf daughter having a stable quality life. In the very first scene of the film, he begins to see visions of dark clouds gathering like the face of the devil, raindrops of thick and heavy motor oil coming down, clusters of birds flying around the sky dropping dead onto his car. One is immediately reminded of the miracles performed by Moses in the book of Exodus. As the film progress, the visions of destruction builds up, he is seeing the family dog attacking him, crashing of his car, strangers kidnapping his daughter, all the while he kept it all to himself without saying a word to anyone around him. He began to borrow money from the bank, borrowed construction equipments from the company to make a storm shelter for the upcoming apocloyse. The conflicts build on when his friend loses his job over the borrowed equipment, their house on the verge of being sold because of the default on payment, and not enough money for his daughter's surgery.

 His judgement began to be questioned by his wife and people in the community. People begin to think that he has mental illness he has a family history of schizophrenia. We see the struggle of a man who is battling with mental illness and there was no help available, there was not enough councilling help, no resources from the library or government, not even help from his local church. It was Samantha's unfailing love that keep getting him through each stage. One can almost compare her to the never ceasing love of God. Near the end of the film, there was a big storm that came, and the family got into the underground shelter. When the storm was finally over, Samantha encouraged Curtis to open the door back to ground himself, it is only through his own effort and acceptance of this illness that he can move on with life. With the opening of the door, we see that the world did not end, there was some damage to the house and the lawn, but nothing significant as storms and hurriances are typical for that part of Ohio. After everything was said and done, we see the family was having their vacation near at a beach house, and the visions of Curtis was actalized. The large gathering of the dark storming clouds accompanied by the five story high tsunami. One can compare "Take Shelter" to film like "Jesus of Montreal" or "Hail Mary" by Jean Luc-Godard retelling the bibical narrative with a modern day twist. In "Jesus of Montreal", we see the modern day Jesus being with the prostitutes, the single mothers, people from the lower ends of society retelling the Passion play but still being persecuted for speaking their mind. While in "Hail Mary", modern day Joseph working at a gas station making ends meet while trying to take care of his girlfriend Mary whom is having their baby. We see Mary pondering about where this baby had come from, being treated with scurrility and contempt as a single mother.

In the context of "Take Shelter", one can question if there are actual prophets around us today that have been warning the society about visions about the end of the world or words from God that has been treated as nothingness or mental illness. As in the song "The Sound of Silence", it writes "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls ". The audience can catch a glimpse of the loneliness that the prophets feel in the Old Testament when they see the destruction and judgment coming from God at the hands of Babylon, but no one listens. With protest and riots from around the world from G20 to the Occupy Movement against the social injustice, the voice for the voiceless have been vocal and shouting with all the might one can have, but the power of the empire and media have been too powerful and often the voices are flatten or dismantled as mere discontent of the people who does not matter or the lazy hippies who have nothing better to do than sit around all day than to find a job. However, with the final coming of the storm of judgment, we are reminded that the end of days will come and it is only those who have ears to hear and eyes to see whom will be saved and able to find shelter.

This reminds me of Regina Spektor's "Laughing With" Song... we only ask where God is when there are disasters...
"No one laughs at God in a hospital
No one laughs at God in a war
No one’s laughing at God
When they’re starving or freezing or so very poor"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We are pieces of landscapes

We are all pieces of landscapes when our hearts are opened up

We are skies
At times clear till the ends of heavens
At times covered sheiding true emotions
At times raising hell with thundering storms
Waiting for the rainbow to decorate the canvas

We are forests
Always full of life within us
Always standing tall and proud
Always mysterious
Waiting for the spring of possibilities

We are deserts
Forever seeking attention
Forever searching for love and confirmation
Forever drying up people around us
Yearning for the rain to truly stop our thirst

We are caves
Full of dark hidden secerts whispering
Full of dark hidden creatures lurking, preying
Full of dark hidden scars buried deep inside hurting
Yearning for the light to heal us

Friday, October 28, 2011

Loneliest Planet

What is there left to hope for in this world

When the earth is shaking in anger
When the ground is bleeding endlessly
When the people are on the streets fighting
When the kids are crying and babies dying
When the world is suppose to be a whole lot bigger
Mine is just getting smaller and tighter
Hiding and cramping behind screens

We are asked to do good and be good
But good isn't enough
Have to be great
Have to be excellent
No matter what the reason is and how to get there
Just be good and achieve
Achieve something that is not for our own but for progress
Achieve something that only grease the machine
Achieve something that leads to dead ends

Got to look good wherever we go
Be someone special
Because you are someone special
Can't I just be ordinary
Will you still love me then

No one is listening
No one here beside once again
I am at the bottomless pit
Forever yelling out for help which never came




Burnt Out
Just to get out of this shithole





get high
get drunk
get stoned

after the caffeine
after the hype
after the adrenaline


Facing everything alone
In this loneliest planet

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Frozen Gestures and Reincarnation

Started out the day with a great great discovery, just following ppl down the street and into this great cafe, amazing bakery and great coffee. All the tables and chairs are the old old wood and antiques... love the tone and music here... it will be my hanging out and getting my share of java every morning before I head out...

It was kinda raining the whole day, which gave me a bit of a headache in
the end... I started out wanting to go to New Museum as my first destination.. but then
couldn't resist the call of Soho, so ended up going shopping for ... some odd hours... I find that Uniquo is not as good as before, first because their prices have gone up quiet a bit, and the Tees are not as crazy and unique anymore... a bit disappointed... then got great great finds in the Levi's jeans store, 3 pairs of great jeans for 50 bucks... and of course went to Muji, found this great BLACK raincoat just in case...

Then it really started to rain hard, so I decided it is time for the museum...
The New Museum, just a couple blocks off Soho, with each floor hosting a different exhibition,
which really is not that quiet impressive, given my limited understand of the "new" art...but somethings did catch me though.

On the first floor, it is from Lynda Benglis, the first retrospective in NYC in 20 years who is a real feminist and famous artist... one of the most "signature" thing for her is putting lots and lots of bright color latex on top of each other... making a huge sculpture that is not in her control how it turns out...which can be half the size of a person, frozen in the air... I think I can do that as well if that's call art... but the idea of the "frozen gesture" makes me reflect upon where everyone is frozen in a certain state at each point of their lives, and building on top and on top of it... We get frozen or static without even realizing it, being oxidized and life draining away...
that's pretty interesting.. but she didn't really say it like that.. don't know if it is the intended meaning...just my imagination...

One of my fav. Thai director,Apichatpong Weerasethakul, who have directed films like "Ploy", "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" that won the Palme d'Or at Cannes last year, and film titles like "The Adventures of Iron Pussy ", how can I pass on his first ever exhibition, "Primitive"... the room is spread into eight films,
following a gang of youth who happen to be able to build a spaceship and can travel back and forth through time, and exploring the personal and political memories of their own identity and of the country... which relates to the military regime of Thailand in the 1970s... it is meant to be a dream like experience, “reincarnation and transformation.”
I have always wondered how I would be like if I am living in another time period, what would I be doing... whom would I have met...
maybe there is another me on the other side of the world right now, living a completely different live... just like in "The Double Life of Veronique" or a different version of my life right now base on different decisions that I made, but he is living on with those consequences... as in "Sliding Doors"

One of my fave bookstore in NYC is the New Museum gift shop, with lots and lots of great art books and films... very interesting topics on things you never thought of, or have thought of and couldn't find anywhere else... got a book about the making of books with different materials like fabrics, silk, many many more... also one that's about using ANY material to turn it into a pinhole camera, like coffee jars, matchboxes, your limit is just your imagination... very cool...
also a book about the resistance art in the Palestine...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where Dreams Are Made Of...

The day didn't really start out well...
the stupid megabus had to change cars within half hour of traveling...
then the US customs are threatening everyone, interrogating everyone, not wanting anyone to go into their country...
Why would a world "super power" be so insecure? Where is the gesture of being a leader?

It is pretty interesting that I met this girl from Cabbagetown, she was asking directions to the Penn Station, being a guy, of course I need to pretend that I do know how to get there...
Good thing that I saw which way the bus made from, so led her the right way...
she is really great in giving me some interesting places her friend suggested her to go to in NYC.. cause it was her first time into the city...
There is this place that seems very very interesting, called PDT, which means "Please Don't Tell", where u have to find this really shady hot dog shop, take the telephone there at the phone booth and ask to be let in... Woo secretive... I like...

Finally when I get into New York City , it is already around 9pm...
finding my way to the hostel is around 10pm...
luckily, they had free BBQ last night at the backyard... which is great...
even though the pork chop is a bit dry... but hey.. it is free... be grateful...
And Vancouver won the game!!! yea.. I was just in time for the game winning goal...

The hostel itself, New York Loft Hostel, is very nice, clean, stylish, cool ppl, but the area itself seems a bit shady, I was a bit scare when I had to walk around myself last night looking for it...
Note to self, don't come back too late by subway...

The room itself, sleeping over 16 ppl, you can expect not being able to get much sleep, as the doors keep banging the whole night, opening and closing, bang bang bang...
but I guess everyone is friendly and just looking for a cover for the night...
Good thing that ppl don't snore and I sleep right next to the AC for staying cool..

Going to be raining the next two days...
I guess need to stay indoor, hiding in some museum or something...
looking forward to the New Museum, MOMA, and the McQueen exhibition...

When I walk around the city, the Alicia Keys song keep ringing in my head...
New York, place where dreams are made of...
Really?? where is this dream... I hope I can find it again here...
Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Art is like masturbation. It is selfish and introverted and done for you and you alone. Design is like sex. There is someone else involved, their needs are just as important as your own, and if everything goes right, both parties are happy in the end.

— Colin Wright

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

When people are just treated as an object or number...
That's anti-creation...and anti-human...
What is anti-human is anti-God...

沒有夢想的生活... A life without dreams...


A life without dreams
Is like a photo out of focus
Is like a guitar out of tune
Is like a liver   out of whack
Something just doesn't feel right

Monday, September 13, 2010

Numbing it out

When sickness enters...
Like a spider web...

A darkness suddenly enters...

Don't seem to see straight...
Don't know where tomorrow leads...

All that is wanted...
Is to insulate the pain and the nerves...
Is to buffer the nerves and the brain...
Is to cushion the brain and the feelings...
Is to separate the feelings and heart...

Be It...
Melbec drowning it out...
Gaga blasting it out...
Red Dead shooting it out...
Tudors fucking it out...

As long as my feelings and thoughts be numbed and zombied out...
Already enough for another day...

Friday, June 25, 2010


Eyes half opened
Pitch black
Red light flashing
As clock turning

Buffer plugged into my ears
Wrapped around a bubble
Everything in slow motion

What am I doing here
Should it not be daytime

Who am I
Not the same as yesterday

Where am I
All too similar scenes

Hong Kong

This maybe a glimpse
Of the other me
On the other side of the world
Sleeping too
As in
Double Lives of Veronique

Moving my finger slowly
Touching the closest blank wall

Bubble bursted
Night breathed
Silence aired
Magic absorbed

It was nice
To finally meet you
Mumbled as I falls back
To never-never land

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cries aganist the storm... Jonsi from Sigur Ros....

I recently went to a concert for a singer called Jonsi, who is the lead singer for an Iceland band called Sigur Ros. They are a really great band, one of the most popular postmodern-rock band in the world right now, so it was really great to see him live in concert. When I see them on the stage, his voice and music really touched me a lot. Throughout the concert, there are many images of nature and life, of stars and skies, it was very lovely and artistic. As the concert went on, the beautiful images turned into the destruction of the forest and nature, being cut down or burned to the ground because of the human greed. They are like fairy or spirits who came out from the forest who came out to sing, to tell us their stories. I closed my eyes and feel the music filling me up, touching every part of my bones, feeling their pain and struggling. I wanted to cry.

At the very end of the concert, they ended with a very powerful song that sounded like a big thunderstorm and the singer was singing in the middle of it, the image of it is like he is a big big storm and chaos and running in the middle of it, shouting and yelling for help with all his might, but no one was listening in the world. It was so sad, so lonely, but yet so powerful. It is like the prophets in the wild where no one is listening.

There is a documentary film done a couple of years ago called “Screaming Masterpiece”, exploring why there are so many great music coming out of Iceland, people like Bjork, Mum, Sigur Ros. I think it is really because these people are just surrounded by the great nature around them, they see the beautiful scenery everyday, in touch with the Earth and the animals, that it was able to inspired them to do the great music. There is a recent documentary called “Dreamland” from hotdocs, looking at how Iceland is the only country in the world that have the ice glaciers, volcano, many waterfalls and great mountains all in one. One looking at the place will see the many wonders of God’s creativity. But because the country is in great economic trouble, big corporations who only cared about profits and are taking advantage of that and go into build many projects, taking these natural resources, raping the earth. I get really angry and heartbroken at the sight of that. I get even more upset when these issues are not voices out or discussed when a lot of people today are so self-absorbed in their own needs, thinking it is not their problem. Things like poverty or education or human trafficking, all contribute to a larger problem like natural disaster, famine, terroristism that no one can escape. How can we be more aware of these issues? And is it to naive to think that a small group of people can have an impact against the big countries and corporations?

Jonsi - GO DO Video on Youtube

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scattered in《大江大海一九四九》


Finally finished reading the 《大江大海一九四九》 by 龍應台... it had been my night time reading ever since I got the book(which may not be a very good idea)... maybe that's why I haven't been sleeping that well these days... because I was so touched by the many many stories that's recorded in the book about the civil war in China back in 1949... a time when the communist army was fighting the Taiwanese army...
Who is more suited than 龍應台 to write about this, as she is a Chinese/Taiwanese influenced by the Japanese, and also married to a German with two boys to look at WWII in so many different aspect and perspectives..

There are just too many emotions running through my head, often bringing them with me to my sleep... haunting me in my dreams... feeling their pain..
There are just too many scattered thoughts that I cannot piece together yet...

Small decisions that changes lives forever...
~ getting off the train to go to the washroom off a train separated a mother and son forever...

~ taking a train up North to contribute to the war effort, giving back to your country or riding South to flee to a more "hopeful" place; can mean riding to your death or never able to see your parents again for the rest of your life...

~ so much hope and meaning riding in the name to the child born in the midst of the war...

~ a copy of 古文观止 provided education for a whole school inside a concentration camp during the war and how this copy was returned to the original owner years later in Taiwan

~ the old man who was lucky enough till this day when his band of brothers all died finally realized his destiny was to live and tell the tale so the next generation can hear about this part of erased history...

~ The many stories and people who gathered in Hong Kong in that period and contributed so much who will never recognized...

~ why do we have to fight a civil war right after the victory over the Japanese army? where tens of thousands die in a matter of days, fighting against your own country man...

~ the pain and scars hidden inside each and everyone who have been in the concentration camps, whose parents were taken away, who lost their sons and daughters in the war, their brothers and sisters, their loved ones never to be seen again...

To me, a Chinese who moved to Canada ever since grade 5, I have totally no idea about that part of Chinese history...haven't really experienced any real hardship or war... it is really hard to imagine what they have gone through during those times...

~ How should I face this period of history as a Chinese 60 years after it has declared "victory"...

~ How can a country truly raise up without looking truly and honestly at its own past, history, journey and weakness... are we to wait even longer so that the "witnesses" all pass away, so that we can rewrite the history books AGAIN?!?

~ Who were the "heroes" and "traitors" depends on whose flag is being raised...

~ What is the meaning of "victory" and "failure" when so many lives have been lost, the ugliness of human nature to the bear bone...

I have lots of respect for 龍應台 and appreciate her digging through so much research, traveling across different parts of Taiwan and China to interview the remaining survivors,
to let the voiceless be heard, be a witness to them before they are lost in the streams of time and history...

Also understand from her what it means to "忍住自己的情感、淘洗自己的情緒,把空間騰出來,讓文字去醞釀自己的張力。我冷下來,文字才有熱的機會。"
This reminds me when I was in Sichuan, how I had to really hold down my feelings and emotions when listening to the stories of the students... so that I can better put their tales of courage and love together...
also better understand the struggle that Long Di must have experienced when have to face with so many tragedies from students daily...
they are all very brave people... those on both sides of the witness stand...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

一句我愛你…價值873萬....You are really rich, just don't know it yet...

You are really rich, you just don't know it yet video

When people are asked about their happiest moments,
not one of them talked about money...
Money will not be able to trade our happiest memories...
There are just too many things going on in the worry to worry about money...


Today is the weekend,
I woke up feeling healthy (slept till like lucky),
read a little while doing the "morning business"..
watched a couple of esp. of "Firefly"...
played with the baby a while...
listening to Cheer and Tanya's music while writing this blog...
expecting this to be a great day with a little out of town get away tonight...
this simple day is already worth well up to $230,000,000
according to the book "You are really rich, you just don't know it yet"...


一句我愛你…價值873萬 自由時報 2009/07/14








The credit crunch is one of those once in a generation moments when everyone stops to think about what things are really worth. Because after years of rampant greed and unsustainable demand, Oscar Wilde’s description of a cynic was starting to apply to all of us – people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  But what if there is more to life than needing to spend £100 on a new iPod because Apple brought out one that was purple? What if money isn’t the best way to put a value on things?

  This book suggests that there may be more important things than a new pair of Manolo Blahniks. Things like your family, or your favourite music, or a walk in the park on a sunny day. Or sex. Or telling someone you love them. This book is about helping us to realise that whatever our financial situation, our lives are incredibly wealthy already.

  You are really rich. You just don’t know it yet.

Things we really need in life is pretty simple...
why have to make things so complicated...

Sheryl Crow - If It makes you happy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can't we just watch movies and read books all day without doing anything else??
Just miss those days..............

Comfort Food

We all need something that can clam us down,
give us strength in the midst of stress and chaos..

A cup of hot black coffee in the morning to liquify our soul
back into our body after a long night...

A piece of 90% dark chocolate to smooth out our throat
and coat our mind in bitter sweetness in the middle of a fierce battle
against the craziness and contradictions of the world...

A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir at the end of the night...
letting the bitter tannin tangle with our taste buds and nerves...
reminding ourselves that life is bitter...
but it is also this strangely amusing bitterness that made the wine great
and going back for more...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hot Docs: The Cove

One of the best and most powerful doc I have ever seen. It is about how Ric O'Barry, one of the best at dolphin training in the 60s, made a TV show called Flipper, which he used 10 yrs to created a whole industry of dolphin shows at marines. But when his beloved frd flipper committed "suicide" because of the stress living at the marine, Ric finally woke up and realized what he had done. He had put over 23000 dolpines each year to being slaughtered. Each year, in Taija Japan, fishermen will trap dolphins that pass by the area and let the marine trainers come and pick the best ones and be sent all over the world while all the rest will be killed on the spot. But because dolphin meat is not the most attractive thing there is, they were disgusted as other more expensive meat to be send all over the country. Because of the industrial dumping and pollution, and because dolphins are at the upper level of the food chain, they have become living toxic dumpsites when they eat smaller polluted fish, and anyone who eat the dolphin meats (which they don't know about), will get high level of mercury poisoning. And it was also given out as charity to school children as free lunch all over Japan. Which has the most hurtful effects.

Ric then used the next 35 years of his life trying to right a wrong, and gathered a passionate team of ppl who really do care about the ocean and the dolphins to uncover this hidden secert. It really is a Ocean's 11 real life thriller, where they had to go undercover, tailed by cops day and night, watching their every move, being provoked by locals so they can do something stupid to kick them in jail... is one crazy ride...

I think what really touched me in this film is that the team really put everything on the line, that if they were caught, they will be in jail, or even killed and lose everything. Their passion for doing something that seem so "silly" to save a bunch of sea animals makes me believe how one small group of ppl can make a difference in the world. And makes me believe once again the moving power of cinema, where you will not get the some shock by just hearing the news. But when you see the visuals and the cries of the dying dolphins, it has such impact that shatters your heart to pieces...
A MUST WATCH FILM!!! Can't wait for it to come out in Aug throughout the city.

Go to The Cove: What Can I DO to see how you can help and take part!!!

And be careful not to eat too much tuna or salmon.. they are full of mercury as well...
see the list some of the "safer" fish below

Eat only sustainable clean seafood.
Good fish

Arctic Char
Cod (Pacific)
Crab (Dungeness, Stone)
Lobster (Spiny)
Mahi mahi (US)
Salmon (Alaska wild)
Sturgeon (farmed)

Bad fish
Chilean Seabass
Cod (Atlantic)
Crab (King)
Lobster (Caribbean)
Mahi mahi (Imported)
Orange Roughy
Salmon (farmed, including Atlantic)
Shrimp (imported farmed or wild)
Snapper (red)
Sturgeon (imported, wild)
Walleye pike

Friday, May 01, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

Would you have loved me when it was just a couple of years back,
When i was still very selfish and reckless?

Even if you can see the person i am today,
Would you have committed to stay?

To walk with me on this journey,
Through the tragic and gray?

To love me without regards,
To show the true love that you always say?


The above "poem" was written after finish reading "Time Traveler's Wife" a while ago...
Wondering who would really have loved me when I was still very crazy and lost back then..
and who will really still believe in the future me seeing who I am this day.
And it touched me that God is still there every single way...

Can't wait for it to come out in the movie with Rachel McAdams in it... loved her since The Notebook...

The Time Traveler's Wife is the story of librarian Henry DeTamble, who has a genetic disorder that causes uncontrolled time-travel.

Hot Docs: Inside Hana's Suitcase

It was the opening night for this year's hot docs film fest. The world premiere of Inside Hana's Suitcase and it blew me away and I do have high expectations for this year's films...
The film started a bit slow, but gets better in mid-way. I guess it can use a bit less dramatization and special effect to keep it more authentic. But it was still very good.

The story is about how one Japanese woman, Fumiko, where she wish to open up a Holocaust center so that the children in Japan can learn about its history and maybe possibly to stop the increase in child violence. Then a old suitcase was send from the Auschwitz museum, and the quest to discover the story of its owner Hana begins. It is amazing how the suitcase is not just a plain old suitcase when a name and story is attached to it. To find out more about the owner, Fumiko went to Auschwitz itself to talk with the other survivors, some were Hana's childhood friends, ones who lived in the same cabin as her, and find out the horrors the children and all the Jews had to go through. In which she was able to connect with Hana's brother, George, who lives in Toronto. It was a very touching moment when George was able to see his beloved sister's only belonging left, and telling the stories of their family.

This film really gave me confirmation of how important it is for people who have gone through great tragedy to be able to tell their stories. As George said, it is important that people other than himself, will be able to know about Hana, to let her stories live on. It is a healing for him in a way. Even though it is still painful and tears still swell up his eyes, he feels it is still very important for other children to learn from Hana so this history will not repeat itself.

Fumiko's passion and efforts to dig deep into finding more about Hana is really touched me as well, or else all these beautiful memories about the lovely children before being send to the concentration camp can't be bring out. And they are still going around the world everyday to make it be known.

After the screening, there were Q & A section... and we were actually about to meet al the characters in the film, George and Fumiko themselves. It is actually a first time I seen an actual Holocaust survivor in person. It is truly an honor to be in the same room with someone who had been through so much and still holding on, living his life to the fullest. He really touched me as he keep using his life as a witness, telling again and again the painful past, hoping that history won't repeat itself. So what is our responsibility after this? How are we to engage to our time, to the present, right now? I truly believe, as a person of media ( if I may call myself that for now), we do have burden, a accountability to let these witness be presented, these stories be told, these memories live on.

This film also reminds me of a film I saw in TIFF a while ago, And Along come tourist. Also a very touching film, high recommend!! It was also about the Holocaust, where one of the survivors who lives on site at one of the Auschwitz museum to give lectures about it, keeps repairing the suitcases as he still cherish each and every piece like his children. It was asking the question about whether the tourist who comes to the museum really cares about the past, or just come for the wows and amusements. Even the local politicians were just using the past sometimes as a tool to gain ground and favors. And how are we treating the "human history witness", do we know we have lots of treasure inside of them? And do we have any respect for other people's tragedy? Reminds me of what Beichuan might become as a tourist site.

Inside Hana's Suitcase will be showing again Sun May 3rd @ 1:30pm, don't miss it!!!

Extended reading
Q & A: Inside Hana's Suitcase

Hot Docs from Apr 30 to May 10

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Ethanol Sermon

The Ethanol Sermon
by Jane Yoder-Short

Hear this word, you car owners of America
Who are constantly on the highways
Who consume fuel that's not yours
Who take corn from the needy for your tanks

You drive on land where bread should grow
You endlessly plant asphalt to increase your speed
You grow concrete so you can conveniently park
You turn justice to ethanol
And your righteousness becomes stale with pollution

Your rear-view mirror is blind
It fails to see the hungry children
To see the wars over oil
To see the land dying to feed your habit

But the time is coming when God will repair the fields
When hope will drip from the mountains
When vineyards shall sprout where asphalt once lay
And justice will fill the air

The horn has sounded
Turn now
Seek justice
look with new eyes in your rear-view mirror

(From geez magazine, "30 Sermons You'd Never Hear in Church")

It is time to rethink about the way we use gas...
What our cars costing the world...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As the water rushes through my body springing from the shower,
Images of my youth days comes back to life.

We would hang out till the sun comes out,
Laugh our heads off at the silliest jokes,
Run through the night like there were no tomorrow,
Dance in the middle of the street like there was no one around,
Soaring through the night sky in our roaring motorcycles.

We were as care-free as a feather,
Worry-free as the wind.
We laughed at the ways of the world,
We despised all rules,
We rebelled against all authorities.
Shouting at the top of our lungs the anger and frustration toward the system.
What we worried about was that grown-ups didn't notice us
So that they can envy our youthfulness.

Till One Day,
We finally noticed the chains and handcuffs slowly creeping around our arms and legs,
Tightening its grip,
Clipping off our soaring wings,
Fading out our smiles,
By this thing called Life.

We were left like fishes dumped in the water,
With no legs to run or wings to fly.
That we are like the salmons,
And it is time for us to swim upstream edge of the river,
Losing our loved ones in battle against the dashing current.
What do we expect to find when we reach the top?
That we have fulfilled our destiny?
Or only to die from exhaustion just like everyone else?

Is there someone out there,
That can shield me under their wings,
Give me a heartfelt embrace,
Till I gather enough courage,
To step out and face this world.

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